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EV Biologics is advancing the science, medicine and enterprise of extracellular vesicles every day. Stay up to date with the latest news in biotechnology and our business development.

Press Releases

EV Biologics Initiates PCAOB Audit to Seek Uplift to OTCQX

EV Biologics Corp, (OTC PINK:YECO), today announced that it is initiating a PCAOB audit for 2021 and 2022 and intends to file an application to list on the OTCQX market during Q1, 2023. This PCAOB audit is a necessary step...

EV Biologics Launches Excyte with $100 million Valuation

EV Biologics Corp, OTC Pink: YECO, today announced that it has launched Excyte, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary, with $100 Million valuation. Excyte has already raised $500,000 of its $2.5 million initial capitalization goal. This funding will initially provide scale-down...

EV Biologics Signs MSA with LONZA Cell & Gene Therapy

EV Biologics Corp, OTC PINK:YECO, today announced that it has signed a Manufacturing Services Agreement (MSA) with Lonza for development of stem/progenitor cell-derived nanotherapeutics and scalable biomanufacturing process. The MSA enables EV Biologics to accelerate its nanotherapeutic biomanufacturing process and...

EV News

The Times of Israel / TOI Staff / 5 February 2021