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EV Biologics


Innovative Financial Technology
Accelerated Drug Development

Building innovative ideas into successful ventures requires exceptional people. Our executive leadership is dedicated to innovation and efficiency in every aspect of our operations with a focus on in biotechnology and business development.


Forging New Technology

From biotechnology to business development, EV Biologics is focused on innovation. Driven by advanced analytics for scientific, clinical and market data, our objective is to optimize operations through ongoing systems development. Constantly refining our research, development and business methodology enables us to remain at the forefront of the industry with the agility of a startup and the foundation of an established enterprise. Our core values of expertise, efficiency and innovation will usher in the next generation of diagnostics and therapeutics.


Automation & Virtual Systems

Drawing on our experience in biotechnology, EV Biologics is leveraging digital technology and automated solutions to optimize efficiency in business development. The synergy of our professional aptitude with advanced information technology and virtual enterprise expands our productivity exponentially. Eliminating rote operations with automated systems unleashes our imagination and expertise to develop our vision of EV scientific and clinical development and expedite the delivery of our products to market.


Fintech to Support Biotech

Leveraging the newest FinTech, EV Biologics intends to support biotechnology development with blockchain-based financial technology through securitized token offerings blended with its public listing. This hybrid model facilitates direct participation by investors in the development of novel biopharmaceuticals intended to treat severe illness and injury. Security token holders will be directly funding the battle against deadly diseases and will be integral partners with EV Biologics in the development of the EV drugs specifically designed to combat them.


Non-Fungible Token (NFT)

rEVerie depicts the essence of extracellular vesicle (EV) science & technology, illustrating stem cells as they appear with fluorescent microscopy. Beyond capturing the stunning visual quality intrinsic to this biological system, the synchronized release of EVs signifies the harmony of intercellular communication they mediate in nature. rEVerie alludes to the fundamental aspects of EV biotechnology that will deliver the next-generation of biotherapeutics to conquer aging, disease, and injury. 
This NFT was created to commemorate an early stage of our technological progress, and for issue as a dividend to shareholders as a token of our appreciation for their continuing support of our development of EV-based therapeutics.

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EV Biologics is determined to be the leader in EV biotechnology innovation and biopharmaceutical development.
For more information, please contact Dennis Burns, Investor Relations at (567) 237-4132[email protected].